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Prepping Trades

So you've already released your work as single issues, but now you're thinking about producing a collected volume. Maybe you're going to add some extra behind the scenes type material to make it worth the punters' money. But since you've already published your comic there's no need for a proof reader right? Well, what about all that back matter?

As a reader, I'm just as invested in reading that, gaining an insight into the creative process, as I am in the comic itself. As a creator, I imagine (and hope) that you want to produce the best possible book to put in the hands of your readers.

The last couple of jobs I have done have been to proofread the additional material in a number of collected editions. To me this is just as important as the main body of the comic, and I work just as hard to ensure that it is error free before you send it off to the printer.

So whatever you are working on, no matter whether it's a full comic, a handful of pages of extra material, or something in between, if you need a proof reader then please get in touch.

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