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Still Here!

But no longer on Fiverr.

You might (or might not) have noticed that my fiverr link is gone from the top of the page. That's because I've deactivated my account there. After completing several jobs I discovered just how badly they are screwing over their users. They take a whopping commission and then charge you another fee to withdraw the money you have earned into your own currency. I think I lost about a third of what I'd earned after all that.

I'll be looking around for an alternative platform (that doesn't screw over users) to advertise my proofreading/editing services but for now, if you are interested, you can contact me through the site or on social media. My DMs are open on twitter and instagram.

I'm also going to be adding a section here on the site with testimonials from those I've already worked with. Figure it would be good to have now that Fiverr is no more.

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