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What a fun week!

It's been a good week this week.

I was approached on Monday to write an article for a talent search website, 5 things to remember when writing for comics. It was an interesting challenge, especially as it was aimed at those who might not have written a comic before. I went through and thought about things I look for when editing a script.

You can find the finished article here.

I've also done some proofreading work this week for the wonderful Gustaffo Vargas. The third instalment of his Peruvian Cyberpunk series is about to be printed and he asked me to go through the English language translation (it's also available in Spanish) just to check for any last minute errors.

I enjoyed both jobs this week as they were so different, it really let me flex all of my skills.

My diary is really starting to fill up for the next couple of months, so if you have any editing/proofreading work you'd like to book me for, get in touch asap!

For now though, the weather is looking pretty great this weekend so I'll be heading out for some hikes to enjoy it.

Have a great weekend!

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